◆◇◆Nishijin Textile Key-chains◆◇◆

◆◇◆Nishijin Textile Key-chains◆◇◆

◆◇◆SELECT JAPAN’s original brand JEXT Nishijin Textile Key-chains◆◇◆

The gorgeous Key-chains made from Nishijin fabric in Kyoto Japan.

We have  4 types key-chains, 10 designs of Nishijin Textile.


◇Key-chain Gold-plating.

Using Kinran fabric. 

These products have a brilliant and luxurious finish.

(Arabesque) (Hanegasane)


◇Key-chain W-rings.

(Red) (Sakura) (Navy) (Asanoha)

W ring is the one ring can be removable and it is convenient to use.



(Hanegasane) (Arabesque) (Tsurukame) (Turmeric) (Sakura)

Using Kinran fabric. 

this items are gorgeous finish with brilliance and shine.

(Navy) and (Red) are good for pair gift.

About Nishijin Kinran Textile ↓



◇Key-chain 30 mm Ring. 




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