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Select Japan introduces Japanese culture to the world and also sells traditional crafts which are beautifully made by proficient craftsmen.

Holiday Notice

We are closed from April 28th to May 6th due to the Golden Week Holidays.
We will respond to inquieies/e-mails as soon as we get back to work and will also ship all ordered items that we receive during the holidays from May 7th.

Traditional Japanese Handicrafts

Traditional Japanese  Handirafts In order for a piece to be officially recognized as a traditional Japanese Handicrafts, it must meet all five of these requirements.
1. The item must be practical enough for everyday use.
2. The item must predominantly be hand made.
3. The item must be crafted using traditional techniques.
4. The item must be crafted using traditional materials.
5. The item must be crafted as its place of origin.

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