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Select Japan introduces Japanese culture to the world and also sells traditional crafts which are beautifully made by proficient craftsmen.

Traditional Japanese Handicrafts

Traditional Japanese  Handirafts In order for a piece to be officially recognized as a traditional Japanese Handicrafts, it must meet all five of these requirements.
1. The item must be practical enough for everyday use.
2. The item must predominantly be hand made.
3. The item must be crafted using traditional techniques.
4. The item must be crafted using traditional materials.
5. The item must be crafted as its place of origin.

Select Japan Concierge service Desk

There are so many precious traditional Japanese crafts that are sure to interest you.
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Sensoji : Temple Japanese culture respectfully attracts a lot of interest all over the world!

We, SELECT JAPAN would love to introduce to the world the Japanese industrial arts, such as traditional crafts and works of art which are still being loved by Japanese people today.

Select Japan is a shopping website that D.H.G Co., Ltd. runs on the Internet.

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Japanese traditional crafts

Japanese Four Seasons Japanese Four Seasons A traditional craft such as a household good that is useable for our daily lives, must be made by a traditional craftsman who has the skills and techniques, which he/she has inherited from over a hundred years ago.

There are a lot of the traditional crafts in Japan such as ceramics( porcelain, earthware..), lacquerware, metalworks( silver, tin..), woodworks, dyeing and weaving crafts, glassware, etc. Some of the traditional crafts are designated to the important cultural properties by the government of Japan and are under the protection of the country.

Japanese Four Seasons Japanese Four Seasons We treasure the Japanese culture and cherish the Japanese tradition that the craftsmen have so graciously dedicated their lives to preserving.

A perfect gift for someone you love!

Japanese Landscape : Mt. Fuji