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sells a variety of traditional
Japanese crafts which are beautifully made by proficient craftsmen.


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CLOTHING Fashion・Fabric

Japanese clothing “Kimono”.
Kimono is showing the heart of “WA”, the nature of seasons, through its colors and textile designs which express unique Japanese seasons, scenery and customs.
We, SELECT JAPAN are introducing Japanese Kimono culture under the theme of Japanese Clothing, “Kimono”.


LIFE STYLE Dining・Entertaining

“Wa-shoku”, there bring not only good tastes, but also looks it’s beautiful.
We can call this culminating work done by each “Shokunin = craft-person” such as meaningful food arrangement and charming dishes which are staging food.
We, SELECT JAPAN, will introduce you best selected goods relating to Japanese cuisine,”Shoku”


HOUSING Furniture・Interior

Japanese people have been living in wood-made houses.
Their unique materials, colors, patterns and shapes, which are enriching daily life all through four seasons have been continuing deeply in Japanese living style.
Here, SELECT JAPAN will introduce unique products relating to Japanese living style of “Juu”.


FAVORITE Hobby・Culture

Under the name of “Shuku”, we are going to show you brand-new craft products, which are produced by young craft-persons who are successors of ancient traditional skills.
Skills from ancient masters have been revived by them to become most modern crafts. We would be very happy if you could enjoy the world of “Made in Japan”.

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