◆◇◆ iPhone cases SE (2nd generation) ◆◇◆

◆◇◆ iPhone cases SE (2nd generation) ◆◇◆

◆◇◆ iPhone cases SE(2nd generation) ◆◇◆

Information on iPhone cases suitable for the newly released iPhone SE(2nd generation)

The iPhone SE case has the same size as the iPhone 8, so you can use the iPhone 8 case.

We have many unique designs of Japanese traditional patterns.



There are more designs other than the above photos.

iPhone8 cases↓




This is the case for iPhone 7, but you can also use it.

SELECT JAPAN original iPhone case can use iPhone SE(2nd generation).

※When using this case with an iPhone SE(2nd generation), the size is so tight.

Be careful not to damage it when removing the case from the iPhone.


SELECT JAPAN original iPhone case↓









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