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iPhone 8 Case

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A Japanese traditional craft (Ishikawa). The iPhone 8 Case is one of the best items of Asahi Electric Co.,Ltd.! Yamanaka shikki (Hobbies (collection)) is the tradition of Japan.

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This is a popular pattern that represents success in life.

It is said in the Book of the Later Han that a carp that is able to climb the water fall known as “Dragon’s Gate” in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, it will become a dragon.

Item Infomation

Product NameiPhone 8 Case
Artifact NameYamanaka shikki
MakerAsahi Electric Co.,Ltd.
The place of ProductionIshikawa, Japan
Delivery DateApprox. 10 days
ColorBlack background
MaterialPolycarbonate resin・Natural lacquer
PatternCarp (Koifish)

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USD 68.18
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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