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Art Work
Yamanaka shikki

Polycarbonate resin, Natural lacquer

Delivery Date
5 - 7 business days
Place of Production
Ishikawa, Japan
Manufactured by
Asahi Electric Works
About Product
Multi-layered lacquering is given to the strong body of polycarbonate, and designed the Japanese-style paintings and the fengshui designs by 3D expression.
One of a typical motifs depicted in a number of Japanese painting.
Sandalwood coating
Sandalwood coating is one of the techniques of applying clear brown lacquer on gold or silver foil.
This is a product in which an accidental pattern drawn in gold emerges through this lacquer.
It is also attractive that the same pattern does not exist as one.
In addition, the clear lacquer will become more transparent as time passes and the surrounding environment (touching temperature, humidity, and light).
It is a reddish amber color just like a photo, but it is a fun product that grows as the golden pattern changes to a clearer color over time.


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