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Item Name
Orochi-W w/ Body
Item Code
Art Work
Iwami Nagahama Mask

W35.0cm x From tip of mouth to back of head55.0cm x Depth of covered portion21.0cm, Body : Length 17m


Mask : 3kg / Body : 12kg


Mask : Sekishu Washi, Board : Burnt cedar, Hair : Horse or yak

Delivery Date
It is make-to-order product, takes about 1 - 2 months from order to delivery.
Place of Production
Shimane, Japan
Manufactured by
Kakita Katsuro Mask Factory
About Product
Yamata-no-Orochi is a famous serpent monster from Japanese mythology, and makes for one of the most powerful spectacles in an Iwami Kagura performance.
A beautiful depiction of an undulating snake, made from a collapsible and extendable frame of washi and bamboo.
Its horns can be attached or detached to the mask. *Length : 50.0cm
*Can't be sold separately.
*It is make-to-order product, takes about 2w. - 2m. from order to delivery.
Art, Interior decorations, Collection

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