【About Japan’s Traditional crafts】~Happi Jackets~

【About Japan’s Traditional crafts】~Happi Jackets~

New item Happi Jackets

What is the Happi Jackets?

Happi jackets were created in the latter half of the Edo period, when samurai switched to them from their traditional coats.  They were originally given large designs with the samurai clan’s crest. 

Letters could be written onto the front of a Happi jacket, sharing the wearer’s name, affiliation, or personal philosophy.

Now, happi jackets are a traditional method of dress seen all the time at Japanese festivals. 

“When you wear a happi, you get excited for the festival.”

Both men and women sweat a lot, but the happi jacket allows for a lot of air to reach the skin, and “by having everyone wear the same happi jacket, you all feel like you’ve become one.

” This is said to be the best part of a festival.

Manufacturing Method

Step 1, Design: The materials, color, pattern, size, etc. are decided upon, and an image of the final design is made.



Step 2, Make the Hanshita: Pattern papers called “hanshita” are made. *The number of papers required will change depending on the color scheme of the Happi.

Step 3, Lay Out the Pattern: The pattern is ironed on to a thin mesh screen. *This is called “Shahari”.

Step 4, Hand Dying: The white fabric is thoroughly dyed. *A master dyer can do this work both quickly and evenly.

Step 5, Washing: The fabric is “washed” so that the dye does not come out.

Step 6, Drying: Originally, it was left to dry in the sun.  *We also have a special drying room.

Step 7, Sewing/Finishing: The fabric is cut, and each piece is carefully sewn on a sewing machine. *Some are hand-sewn.




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