【About Japan’s Traditional crafts】~Banshu Hamono ~

【About Japan’s Traditional crafts】~Banshu Hamono ~

【About Japan’s Traditional crafts】~Banshu Hamono ~



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Banshu hamono (Banshu edged tools) has a long tradition, dating back to the manufacturing of daily use blades etc. in Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture (Banshu).                                                

Banshu was a big grain producing region from 1300 years ago to 1200 years ago (the Nara period), producing rice used in offerings.  The area was blessed with iron sand resources, and as a result, agricultural implements blacksmithing such as sickle and hoe took off.

Another factor was that, about 400 years ago– about the time when Hideyoshi Toyotomi decided to attack Miki castle– Hideyoshi commissioned many blacksmiths to make his weapons.

The area still produces a variety of edged tools according to customers’ specifications, so it is the birthplace of many new designs.


Aohagane Steel

Aohagane Steel – the hardest and highly-durable quality steels.

Nigiri 101-T/ Pink Gold





Rave reviews

The Nihon-kamisori has received rave reviews from maiko and geisha, who claim that

 shaving the downy cheek hairs with a Nihon kamisori leaves the skin in an ideal condition for make-up application.


















Banshu Woven

Banshu fabrics used to wrap edged tools are traditional weaves of Nishiwaki City in

Hyogo Prefecture and have long been popular in Japan.

With their natural, soft texture and rich colors, they are now also being adopted by

makers of top brands overseas.

The current material, made using scraps of woven Banshu, was realized through the

cooperative efforts of Banshu locals.



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