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A Japanese traditional craft (Ishikawa). The White wine glass is one of the best items of Kaburaki! Kutani-yaki (Porcelain) is the tradition of Japan.

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The stem of this wineglass is made by Kutani-yaki, while the bowl is from Spiegelau.

Wine Glass Manufacturer : SPIEGELAU

One of the most popular wine glasses among enthusiasts and professionals today comes from the town of Spiegelau in Southern Germany, from Spiegelau Glassworks, which has been making quality glass for over five centuries.

White Wine Glass - Dry crisp white wines

Ideal for acetic, light, fruity white wines, young red wines, or not so strong on barrel-matured flavor, and iced rosés, etc. Desgined to lead the wine to the tongue tip, the glass brings forward the fruitiness, while softening the excess acidity.

Item Details

Item NameWhite wine glass
Artifact NameKutani-yaki
Place of ProductionIshikawa, Japan
Delivery DateApp. 2 weeks
SizeΦ 5.9cm x 20.3cm
PatternWhite grain/ Gold arabesque/ Colored flower
MaterialGlass / Clay

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USD 290.90
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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