Yoshidaya-yō Three-Layer Stacked Box

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A Japanese traditional craft (Ishikawa). The Yoshidaya-yō Three-Layer Stacked Box is one of the best items of Kaburaki! Kutani-yaki (Porcelain) is the tradition of Japan.

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Jūbako are traditional Japanese, multi-tierd, stacked boxes (ranging from 2 – 5 tiers) with a lid that are used on special occasions.

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Product NameYoshidaya-yō Three-Layer Stacked Box
Artifact NameKutani-yaki
The place of ProductionIshikawa, Japan
Artifact NameIt'll approximately take 20 days from the date of ordering
SizeA side 14.0cm x H 19.5cm
PatternFlower & bird

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  • 1,600g ※Comes packaged in a box


USD 277.27
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

About US...

Yoshidaya-yo (kiln)

Kutani ware (Kutani-yaki) was at its peak towards the end of the Edo era.
The color red is absent from all of the items that Yoshidaya-yō produces.
Instead, green, yellow, purple, and blue paints are used to give the pottery an overall blue look, hence the nickname, Aokutani.
* Ao meaning blue in Japanese.

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