Tsumami Zaiku

One-pronged hairpins

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A Japanese traditional craft (Aichi). The One-pronged hairpins is one of the best items of Mizuki! Tsumami Zaiku (Textiles / Dyed Products) is the tradition of Japan.

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This one-pronged hairpin is made from pure silk, dyed in a cooling, tranquil blue, and styled to resemble a chrysanthemum.
Lavish tassels and a Swarovski rhinestone create an extravagant accessory perfect for special occasions.
*Use a rubber band to bind the hair, then the one-pronged pin to hold them in place.
*The tassel is removable

Item Details

Item NameOne-pronged hairpins
Artifact NameTsumami Zaiku
Place of ProductionAichi, Japan
Delivery DateApp. 10 days
WeightApp. 24g
Pattern Chrysanthemum *Sword-pinching
ColorVivid blue
Material100% Pure silk w/ SWAROVSKY

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USD 81.81
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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