• You are required to agree to these Terms and Conditions to use this Site. This Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Use of this Site following such changes constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions then in effect.

  • 1. Regarding Terms and Conditions

    Regarding application distribution service (hereinafter “Services”) operated by DAIKO HOLDINGS GROUP Co., Ltd.(hereinafter “DHG”), the person who uses this service (hereinafter “User”) is required to agree to these Terms and Conditions. The user will be eligible to use our services at the time when DHG approve the user\\\’s registration for use (hereinafter “User\\\’s right”). Users are also required to agree to other various terms that set forth by DHG (hereinafter “individual regulations”) including these Terms and Conditions. In addition, if there are differences between these Terms and conditions and additional regulations, the individual regulations take precedence. These Terms and Conditions and Individual Regulations (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) are subject to change without prior notice by DHG. Use of this Site following such changes constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions then in effect.
    For using other websites linked from this service, you are required to agree to another terms and conditions of the website those are different from ours.

  • 2. Regarding Email

    Please note that we shall send emails regarding operational notification, advertisement or part of functions of the service to user\\\’s registered address depending on the judgment of the DHG.

  • 3. Notice of Use

    Users shall be responsible for the control their information registered upon using (hereinafter “ registered information” including email address and password). To prevent use of your password by third party, please comply following instructions.
    – create password that is hard for anyone else to guess.
    – do not disclose your password to anyone else.
    If you use our services on the computer or mobile used by many people, you should log out and close the web browser after using it.
    If you want to use our services on the computer or mobile used by many people, you should cancel registration of easy login (the function allows to skip to enter email address and password upon login).
    If our service is used with registered password, we assume that it is used by registered person, and the results by the use and all involved responsibility will be belong to the ­registered person.
    If there is damage to DHG or a third party by unauthorized use of the password, the user should compensate for such damage to DHG and the third party.
    You have obligations to manage your own personal information, and we are not responsible for any disadvantages or damages caused by your own negligence such as registration of untrue or inaccurate information.
    DHG may disclose the user\\\’s Content (including any information that you post, edit or send to DHG by using diary, community, messageboard, email, making friends or other services ) depending on operational necessity, and if we judge it is in conflict with Terms and Conditions, we may close or delete all or part of the user\\\’s contents without prior notice. We also may disclose or provide user\\\’s contents to public institutions such as court or the police within the scope of necessity if DHG determine it is necessary for the purpose of protection of DHG\\\’s such right, property or service or protection of third party\\\’s life, body or property. The service shall be available for the user in accordance with conditions such as age or use environment within the range prescribed by DHG. The service is available for free of charge except for some services and contents. However, the user will be responsible for communication charges for use of the service.

  • 4. Personal Information

    We shall handle personal information properly in accordance with the Privacy Policy separately provided by DHG. We do not disclose your personal information to anyone without your consent except that to cooperative company signed a confidential agreement with DHG. However, we shall disclose in following cases.
     – if DHG reasonably determined that the disclosure is necessary in accordance with the laws and regulations.
     – if it is necessary to protect human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the person.
     – if there is a particular need for improvement of public or growth of children, and it is difficult to obtain
      consent of the person.
     – if the main of service is changed due to merger or other reasons, and it is necessary to transfer your personal
      information for continuous service.

  • 5. Copyrights

    The user shall be able to use the service and post or edit only for the information such as text, images and videos if the user is the copyright or intellectual property owner or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright or intellectual property owner. The copyright of text, images and videos that the user posted or edited using our service shall be reserved to the user or other existing owner of the rights.
    However, for those text, images and videos that are posted or edited through our service, DHG shall use for DHG or the site which affiliated with DHG or other media service after we implement necessary measures. The user shall not exercise the moral rights of the author for the use of copyrighted contents by DHG under this clause.
    Except the rights described in previous clause for text, images and videos posted or edited by the user through DHG Service, all copyrights and other intellectual property rights of our service and all information in relation to the service shall be belong to DHG or a person or entity who allowed DHG to use these rights, and the user may not reverse-engineer, transfer, lend, translate, modify, copy, public broadcasting, transmit, distribute, publish or use for business.

  • 6. Rejection of Registration of Use

    DHG may not approve the registration of use if there are following reasons;
     – if it is the registration by the person who has violated these Terms and Conditions
     – if it is the registration by the person who is invited by the person who has violated Terms and Conditions.
     – if the registered information contains representation which is abhorrent to the third party or against the
      social or public order in the society or against good morals and traditional customs.
     – in addition to above cases, if DHG determine it is improper registration of use.

  • 7. Withdrawal

    Withdrawal means that if the user wishes to terminate the use of the service and abandon the user credentials, the user applies for withdrawal in accordance with the method prescribed by DHG. DHG is not obligated to continue to keep any information relating to user such as personal information and data of any user contents for the withdrawal member. It is considered as withdrawal of the service when the user has died, and user\\\’s rights and obligations for DHG belong to the user her/himself, not for inheritance.

  • 8. Prohibited Conduct

    We prohibit the activities that are involved following clause regardless of user\\\’s willful negligence or mistake (These activities are prohibited regardless of whether or not they were made by using any of DHG services or functions such as user diary, community, message board, email and so on.).
    You acknowledge and agree that we may without prior notice remove the content or terminate and/or suspend your access to our service if you fail to comply with any regulations in relation to prohibited activities.
    In addition, please note that even if the user was not able to check your email from DHG, we shall implement necessary measures in accordance with Terms and Conditions.

  • (a) Antisocial Activities

     – Any activities in violation of the law or public policy.
     – Any criminal activities or the activities which notify, involve or encourage the crime.
     – Any activities of posting or registering such information including the contents of false and misleading.
     – If you give or encourage a burden on the server by using beyond the scope of normal usage, or interfere with
      management/ provision of the other services or other user\\\’s use of the service.
     – Any activities that infringe the industrial property rights (patent, trademark, etc.), copyright and intellectual
      property rights such as trade secret of other parties.
     – Any activities that infringe the credit or honor of the third party, or violate privacy rights, portrait rights or
      any other rights of others. In this case, for third party, regardless of individual, corporation public figure, we
      shall not ask any document or means such as user ID, nickname, real name or user link.
     – Posting the content that glamorize, cause, or encourage of suicide, self-injury or drug abuse or other
     – Any violence activities to the third party regardless of the method such as stalking.
     – Any activities of posting the representation in relation to discrimination on the grounds of race, gender,
      sexual or age
     – Any activities of obscene or violent representations or the purpose of meeting
     – Any activities of posting the violent or grotesque photos or other representation such images or text that
      make other users feel uncomfortable
     – Posting representation of sexual activity or expression that is intended for it in the service.
     – Posting links that lead to adult site.
     – Posting links to any download sites of child prostitution, pornography or uncensored video.
     – Introducing any adult products by using review, diary or other services
     – Any activities that DHG assume that your main purpose of activity is dating with other users or intending to
      do it.
     – Any activities that are harmful to minors (tattoo, underage drinking or smoking)

  • (b) Business Activities

     – Regardless of commercial or noncommercial purpose, if you post information or send email for the purpose of
      buying and selling or exchange of products or services (including such advertisement, notification and
      suggestion), we assume that it is a business activity (except those content permitted by DHG).
     – Even if it is information of free seminar, if the seminar is for selling the product or making a contract, it shall
      be prohibited to post as determined in this clause.
     – Exploiting any content obtained through the DHG service, regardless of all or part of the content, for
      commercial purposes (including, without limitation, use, reproduction, duplication, sale, resale, etc.) (except
      those content permitted by DHG).
     – Using any information obtained through the service in duplication, sale, publication, disclosure or any other
      way for any purposes other than private use as an individual, and makes other users or the third party other
      than the user to do similar activities.
     – Posting or sending any content several times (including multi post, spam mail or chainmail) with the same
      purpose by using such diary, community, and mail function that is intended for advertisement, notification
      and suggestion. In addition, if you post such community that is deemed different from the intention of
      community participants.
     – Posting or sending following information of content.
     – The information of the content that recommends the third party such as pyramid selling, chain mail,
      MLM(multi level marketing).
     – The information that leads to the website which offer interest such as point by affiliation or invitation
      (except those information authorized by DHG).

  • (c) The information including business acumen

     – Except those information authorized by DHG, regardless of whether there is profit or not, any medical care
      or similar activities of it (including, without limitation, any activities of using drugs, spirituality, power stone,
      counseling or divination)
     – Collecting or saving personal information of other users or intend to try such activities.
     – Posting personal information
     – Posting any information that could be identified as an individual such as email address, telephone number,
      license plate, account number of financial institution and address including, without limitation the person or
      third party.
      please cooperate with us to prevent
     – If you pretend to be the third party by posting or registering false information (including personal
      information such as name, date of birth, email address and address).
     – If you use the service by using registered information (such as email address and password) other than the
      user himself even when permitted by the principal user.

  • (d) Other

     – Activities such as sending spam mail, to be friends, community invitation, posting message
     – Political or religious activities (except as permitted by DHG).
     – If the suspended user for violation registers again to use the service.
     – If you invite the suspended user for violation intentionally or unintentionally.
     – If you send invitation to unacquainted people, in particular, transfer the invitation through other blogs or
      message board.
     – If you transfer the invitation to the third party or if you transfer or let the third party to use user credentials.
     – If multiple people use a single user credentials.
     – If a single user holds multiple user credentials.
     – If you transfer the part of right to use the service with the method other than that prescribed by DHG.
     – If you exchange the part of right to use the service to cash, other property or profit on the property, or if you
      promote, notify or suggest any activities for exchange.
     – If you leave numerous visit history for the purpose of such leading of access.
     – In addition to above activities, any other activities deemed inappropriate by our reasonable grounds