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Fragrant Spiral Incense Stand Set
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Art Work
Japanese Incense

Incense stand : H6.0 x W11.0 x D4.5(cm) , Stick : L8.0 x ⏀0.2(cm) , Stand coaster : W10.0 x D7.0(cm)

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Approximately 10 business days
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Hyogo, Japan
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Burning incense is one way of purifying your space of negative energy.
As the product contains flavonoid, natural deodorizing components, it dispels worrisome odors with the expanding aroma of fresh flowers.
It is a spiral-shaped, long-burning type, so you can relax and enjoy it as long as you like.
*Incense stand : Mino ware
Fragrant Spiral Incense Stand Set
Come up with a rabbit incense stand, Plum blossom, Cherry blossom, Lavender, Rose, Lily of the valley Incense each 10 pieces. (Burning time approximately 2 hours/each)

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