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23digit Distylium racemosum Soroban
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Art Work
Unshu Soroban
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10 business days
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Shimane, Japan
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Distylium racemosum is one of the hardest wood in Japan.
Using the hardness, material for wooden swords, building, musical instruments, and as a substitute for ebony and rosewood.
Distylium racemosum was used as a comb for women of high rank, such as in the imperial court and Ooku.
※The Ōoku(大奥) refers to the Women's quarters of Edo Castle.
It is said that the Japanese at the time thought that the lack of a comb was a hint of evil, so they sought a durable Distylium racemosum comb.
Soroban is Japanese old style manual mathematical calculator.
What is Unshu Soroban?
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