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Kyoto Nishijin Acrylic Key-chain Spring action (Sakura)
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Art Work

H7.5cm × W2.0cm
※Excluding ring part
(There is a slight size difference depending on each product.)


Approximately 25g

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Approximately 10 business days
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About Products
It is a key holder using Nishijin fabric from Kyoto.
※Because the places where the fabric is cut are different , not exactly the same as the photo.
1: The Nishijin fabric used in this product may stain if it gets wet. If it gets wet due to rain, etc., please dry it as soon as possible.

2: The Nishijin fabric used in this product is vulnerable to the "sulfur component" contained in rubber, etc., and may discolor if touched for a long time.

3: The Nishijin fabric used in this product may fade due to sunlight. When storing, we recommend storing in a dark place.

4: The Nishijin fabric used in this product uses very thin threads, so please be careful of friction. In addition, the thread may become frayed after long-term use.

5: Regarding the leather part, if it is left wet in the rain, it may cause mold. Please wipe it off as soon as possible.
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"Different sizes" and "different patterns" are available.
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