Please read amd agree " Regarding Privacy Policy of 「Inquiry」" described below before you write the inquiry.

Handling of Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information

  • 1. Collection of personal information

    Upon collecting personal information, we shall collect only the minimum information necessary to meet our purpose of use after we specify the purpose of use and get the consent from you.

  • 2. Use of personal information

    We shall use personal information within the scope of necessity to fulfill the purpose to which you consent when we obtain the personal information. If we need to use the personal information beyond such scope, we will notify the purpose of use and get the prior consent from you. Also, personal information provided to third parties will be treated in the same way.

    • (1) The purpose of use

      We shall use personal information for the following purposes.

    • (2) Purpose of use of personal information

      • (a) Customer's personal information

        • - respond all inquiries, questions and requests
        • - inform you of products or services, for the survey
        • - permit you to use our services
        • - fulfill the tasks related with our business described above
      • (b) Personal information regarding officers and employees of the Company, business partners and third party

        • - contact to necessary person for business, counseling, contract, etc.
        • - manage business partner's information and handle payment and income
      • (c) Personal information of job applicants

        • - provide recruitment information and contact to applicants
        • - manage recruitment of the Company
        • - for various procedure of prospective employees
      • (d) Personal information of the Company's employees

        • - necessary procedure for employment and welfare of employees
  • 3. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

    We shall not disclose or provide the personal information to any third party, except as set out below. If we disclose or provide the personal information with your consent, we shall implement necessary measures with the third party, and exert our best efforts to protect your personal information.

    • - if we obtain your consent
    • - if we are requested to disclose by law
    • - if we are requested to disclose by public such as courts and police
    • - if it is difficult to obtain your consent nevertheless it is necessary to protect human life, body or property
  • 4. Management of Personal Information

    In order to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification or leak of personal information and unauthorized access to personal information, we comply with the relevant laws, national guidelines, regulations and internal regulations. In addition, we assign in charge of personal information, and take necessary security measures. Our employees who collect and use personal information are trained regarding protection and proper management of personal information, and pay attention to keep security of personal information under the manager's direction.

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