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Displaying vessel

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A Japanese traditional craft (Wakayama). The Displaying vessel is one of the best items of Kishu Lacquerware Cooperative Union! Kishu Lacquerware (Interior Decorations / Art ) is the tradition of Japan.

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Decorated with the image of zui-un, this vessel uses several different types of 100% high-quality colored lacquer, which are layered over and over to create the pattern.

*Zui-un; clouds that presage good fortune

This product is finished in jet black and polished to a mirror shine. As years pass, its color only become more vivid and beautiful.

*Each of our products is made of natural materials and created by hand, so the color and pattern may differ for each. We hope you will enjoy the natural appeal of these handmade objects.

Item Infomation

Product NameDisplaying vessel
Artifact NameKishu Lacquerware
MakerKishu Lacquerware Cooperative Union
The place of ProductionWakayama, Japan
Delivery DateApp. 2 weeks
*Display stand-H3.5cmx⏀13.5cm
ColorJet black background
*Display stand: Black
PatternCloud pattern
MaterialJapanese Cypress / Japanese natural lacquer
Created by Toshifumi Tanioka

About Products

Please note that the actual item's size, color, and pattern may differ from the reference images online because each item is hand-made.


  • Comes with a display stand
  • Comes packeaged in a paulownia box


USD 477.27
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

About US...


Zuiun-nuriPolished to a high shine with a beautiful sienna color, these works only grow finer and more dazzling as the years go by.
No two have the exact same pattern. Each is a unique work of art!
*Zuiun-nuri is a unique technique passed on only to Master Tanioka.


ZuiunIridescent clouds have always been a sign of good fortune on the way, and clouds passing close to the sun are a sign of luck.


This method involves painting on black lacquer before polishing it with charcoal, which results in a very smooth surface with a deep, lustrous color.
Once the black lacquer is painted on, it is polished and painted again and again, over and over.
Unlike in most forms of lacquering, there are no visible brushstrokes in the final product, which prevents dust and dirt from adhering to the surface.
In addition, the undercoat has been hardened with lacquer sap, which makes it durable against humidity.
The smoothness and luster of this pure black paint creates an elegant beauty that other paints cannot hope to match.