Gold Leaf Rocks Glass

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A Japanese traditional craft (Ishikawa). The Gold Leaf Rocks Glass is one of the best items of SJ Collection! Kanazawahaku (goldleaf) is the tradition of Japan.

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『Keiji Maeda; 前田 慶次』was adopted by the elder brother of 『Toshiie Maeda; 前田 利家』and became a step nephew of the founder of the Kaga Domain. 『慶次;Keiji』was famous for being as flamboyant and showy as 『Kabuki-mono』, a word that originates from him.

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Product NameGold Leaf Rocks Glass
Artifact NameKanazawahaku
The place of ProductionIshikawa, Japan
Delivery DateIt'll approximately take 14 days from the date of ordering
SizeH87 x Ø 75 mm
MaterialGold leaf, Glass

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USD 118.18
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VAT included & Free shipping

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History - About Kanazawa haku

It is well known all over the world that gold leaf has been used with many art objects and structures since Egyptian time. Kanazawahaku is a gold leaf that is pounded and expanded to a thickness of approximately 0.0001mm. The place of production is Kanazawa, Japan where Kanazawahaku is produced Almost 99% nationwide because of the favorable climate and the quality of water, thus becoming one of the most sophisticated-gold leaf in the world. Kanazawahaku has been used in many religious settings such as Buddhist alerts. It has also been used to create a variety of crafts, art objects, lacquerware, ceramics, structures, and so on.

Episode - About Kanazawa haku

Both Kinkakuji ( temple of the golden pavilion ) and NikkoToshogu are well known examples designated to UNESCO's World Heritage. The beauty of these structures is widely known to the world because of the impeccable Kanazawahaku that is used to adorn each wall of the temple and the shrine.