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Earth Mug

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A Japanese traditional craft (Okayama). The Earth Mug is one of the best items of BIEN! Bizen yaki (Dinnerware / Hobbies *collection / Interior Decorations) is the tradition of Japan.

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It is a mug of Bizen ware.

In Bizen ware, as a manufacturing method, neither painting nor glaze is used.

Because it is baked for a long time of about two weeks at high temperature, it is made sturdy enough to say "It will not break even if thrown." Please use it forever.

Item Details

Item NameEarth Mug
Artifact NameBizen yaki
Place of ProductionOkayama, Japan
Delivery DateApp. 10D.
ColorBrick red
PatternYohen pattern
Material Bizen clay


  • Because all products are handmade, there may be slight differences in pattern, color, and shape.
  • Please understand that this is the way of traditional craft design.

About Products

Please note that the actual item's size, color, and pattern may differ from the reference images online because each item is hand-made.


USD 104.55
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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Special point

Example of preparationThe fine textures on the inside of any Bizen ware product amplifies its heat retention properties, making its contents less likely to cool.
When using Bizen ware to eat eating delicious food, the minute dimpling on the surface prevents food from sticking as well as from drying out.
In addition, repeated handling will wear down the edges of the product, so that the more you use it, the more pleasant it feels to the touch.


Kiln"Yohen" is a process by which the ash that rises during firing in an ascending settles back down on top of the pottery, creating interesting color combinations and unique patterns.

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