Nihon Byobu

Japanese Paintings Gilt Folding Screen

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A Japanese traditional craft (Nagano). The Japanese Paintings Gilt Folding Screen is one of the best items of Mikoshiba Byobuten! Nihon Byobu (Folding Screen) is the tradition of Japan.

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These animals, given shape in East Asia based on lions, are expressed in a mysterious form covered in curled fur. They have been used as motifs in art and crafts since ancient times. Patterns combining them with peonies are particularly well-liked.

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Item NameJapanese Paintings Gilt Folding Screen
Artifact NameNihon Byobu
Place of ProductionNagano, Japan
Delivery DateIt'll approximately take 20 days from the date of ordering
UseFurniture / Art objects / Home decor
SizeH 175.0cm x W 360.0cm*4 screens
Weight20kg / 44lbs
PatternArtistic portrait of a lion
MaterialFrame : Wood / Screen : Gilt

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