Naruko Traditional-style Kokeshi Dolls

Boys' Festival Kokeshi Dolls

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A Japanese traditional craft (Miyagi). The Boys' Festival Kokeshi Dolls is one of the best items of Matsuda Kokeshi Koubo! Naruko Traditional-style Kokeshi Dolls (doll) is the tradition of Japan.

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These kokeshi dolls are made from Japanese pagoda tree wood and give a sense of solemnity. Japanese pagoda tree wood has long been considered useful in warding off evil spirits.
These are made in the hope that children will grow up strong.

Item Details

Item NameBoys' Festival Kokeshi Dolls
Artifact NameNaruko Traditional-style Kokeshi Dolls
Place of ProductionMiyagi, Japan
Delivery DateIt'll approximately take 20 days from the date of ordering
Size(Doll)H 18.0cm x φ 9.0㎝
Size(Rest)W 18cm x D 10cm x H 1.5cm
MaterialJapanese pagoda wood


  • Comes with a rest / folding screen / sign.

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USD 213.63
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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