Naruko Traditional-style Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi Bottle Cap

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A Japanese traditional craft (Miyagi). The Kokeshi Bottle Cap is one of the best items of Matsuda Kokeshi Koubo! Naruko Traditional-style Kokeshi Dolls (doll) is the tradition of Japan.

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These are plastic bottle caps shaped like kokeshi doll heads made one by one using a lathe plane by skilled kokeshi doll craftsmen at the Matsuda workshop.
*Won the 7th Japanese Souvenir Academy Grand-Prix

Item Details

Item NameKokeshi Bottle Cap
Artifact NameNaruko Traditional-style Kokeshi Dolls
Place of ProductionMiyagi, Japan
Delivery DateIt'll approximately take 20 days from the date of ordering
SizeH 5.5cm x φ 5.5cm
ColorNatural / Blue / Light brown
MaterialJapanese dog wood

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USD 50.00
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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