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A Japanese traditional craft (Kyoto). The Clutch bag is one of the best items of Okamoto Orimono! Nishijin Weaving (Interior Decorations,Bags and Accessories,Hobbies (collection) ) is the tradition of Japan.

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This bag, designed to resemble a fan to be carried with a party dress, will make any look seem even more elegant.

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Product NameClutch bag
Artifact NameNishijin Weaving
MakerOkamoto Orimono
The place of ProductionKyoto, Japan
Delivery DateApp.4-5 W.
Size※See the photo
PatternWater chestnut pattern
Material Surface material: 100% Kinran silk・goat skin / Back material: 100% pure silk
MaterialYKK resin fasteners

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USD 222.72
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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Water chestnut pattern

Water chestnut pattern"Hishikata" is the term used to describe the diamond-shaped water chestnuts that grow near the water.
These are combined with familiar pine needles (matsuba) to create "matsuba-hishi."
Water chestnuts represent the fertility of children and descendants, and the evergreen nature of pine trees represents long life.

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