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A Japanese traditional craft (Kyoto). The Takara is one of the best items of Nakamura Rousoku! Japanese Candles (Hobbies (Collection/Other) ,Interior decorations,Healing goods) is the tradition of Japan.

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These candles are created one by one using traditional manufacturing methods from natural vegetable-based wax.

The pictures are a collection of auspicious images (called takarazukushi).

Item Details

Item NameTakara
Artifact NameJapanese Candles
Place of ProductionKyoto, Japan
UseHobbies (Collection/ other) , Interior decorations, Healing goods
Delivery TermAppo. 10d. - 3w.
SizeL 7.5cm
Weight7.5g *Per
MaterialRice bran
Quantity10 sticks
Burning time : Appro. 50min.
ManufacturerNakamura Rousoku


  • Animal or petroleum based candle soot can only be removed using cleansers, but soot from Japanese candles can be wiped off.

About Products

Please note that the actual item's size, color, and pattern may differ from the reference images online because each item is hand-made.


USD 127.27
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

Important notes

・When lighting a candle, please stand the candle in an appropriately-sized candlestand and place the candle in a location where the flame is always in view.
・Please DO NOT place easily flammable objects near the candle.
・Please DO NOT use in areas with strong wind.
・Please be especially CAREFUL because the flame of a Japanese candle can easily become large due to their thick wicks.
・Please DO NOT touch the candle stand or candle when burning or immediately after extinguishing as it could result in skin burns.
・If you notice the wick remaining in place while burning, please use a candle wick trimmer to cut the wick down to a length of 1 - 2cm.
・Please remove the wrapping paper before use.
・When storing, please avoid areas in direct sunlight and areas of high temperature and humidity.
*Storage in these areas could result in discoloration or deformation.
・As the candles are made using vegetable-based wax, they will develop a coating of white powder over time, but this causes no problems in usage.
*Please wipe off using a soft cloth.