Hadano good luck tako (kite)

Home protection Kite

- Chinese character(Dragon) -

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A Japanese traditional craft (Kanagawa). The Home protection Kite is one of the best items of Taco'pe! Hadano good luck tako (kite) (Art,Interior Decorations,Hobbies,collection) is the tradition of Japan.

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This is a home-protection tako that has the same effect as the dragons drawn on the ceilings of shrines and Buddhist temples.

*In traditional fortune-telling, you put these on the eastern side of your home to ensure a healthy and active flow of ki.

Item Details

Item NameHome protection Kite
Artifact NameHadano good luck tako (kite)
Place of ProductionKanagawa, Japan
Delivery DateApp. 2 - 3 months
UseArt / Interior Decorations / Hobbies (collection)
SizeH: Appo. 60.0cm x W: Appo. 40.0cm
ColorA red letter drawn on a white background
PatternChinese character / Dragon
MaterialWashi / Bamboo


  • 4 - 5 letters are available to write on the kite

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USD 563.63
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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