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Wind Chime Hanabi Pink

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A Japanese traditional craft (Iwate). The Wind Chime Hanabi Pink is one of the best items of ITCHU-DO! Nambu Ironware (Kitchenware,Hobbies・Other,Daily necessities) is the tradition of Japan.

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These are stylish and ring with a comfortable, lingering tone.

*The card strip is made from plastic that is resistant to ripping and color-fading.

If the card strip does not straighten out after removing from the box, heating it with hot water or a hair dryer will make them easier to straighten.

Item Details

Item NameWind Chime Hanabi Pink
Artifact NameNambu Ironware
Place of ProductionIwate, Japan
UseInterior Decorations,Hobbies (Collection/Other)
Delivery Term10 days
Size⏀4.5×H4.8(cm) (Stand : W10.5×D10.0×H37.0(㎝))
ColorSilver x pink
MaterialBody: Alloy (cast iron) *Outer: Urethane coating (Stand : Alloy (cast iron)/ wrought iron)
*Motif : Fireworks


  • Please be aware that delivery may take up to 2 months when no items are in stock and production is lagging behind demand.

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USD 77.27
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping