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Tea Pot Shizuku Blue

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A Japanese traditional craft (Iwate). The Tea Pot Shizuku Blue is one of the best items of ITCHU-DO! Nambu Ironware (Kitchenware,Hobbies・Other,Daily necessities) is the tradition of Japan.

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The trivet is an expression of the ripplescreated when drops hit the water surface.

The gentle curves suggest warmth and are pleasing at teatime.

Item Details

Item NameTea Pot Shizuku Blue
Artifact NameNambu Ironware
Place of ProductionIwate, Japan
UseKitchenware,Hobbies (Collection/Other)
Delivery Term10 days
Material Body: Alloy (cast iron) *Inner: Enamel coating / Outer: Urethane coating
*Comes with a stainless steel tea strainer


  • Please be aware that delivery may take up to 2 months when no items are in stock and production is lagging behind demand.
  • Do not use flames!

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USD 154.54
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

Handling precautions

・Be careful of burns as the iron kettle is extremely hot during and just after use.
・Use and store out of the reach of children.
・Be careful as the kettle may fall if stored in an elevated location.
・If the kettle will not be used for a long period of time, be sure to wipe off all moisture and store it in a dry location.
・Washing with cleanser and sponges may remove the rust-preventing oxide film.
・Only fill to the 8th gradation line. Do not use when full.
・Do not use flames so high that they protrude from beneath the kettle as it is dangerous.
・Adjust the strength of the flames during use as hot water may spurt out of the spout when boiling.
・Be careful as rapidly cooling the kettle may result in to formation of cracks.
・Do not use in microwaves.
・Do not use in dish washing or drying machines.

The difference between teapots and iron kettles

●Iron kettles may be exposed to direct flame.
*The iron content that dissolves from iron kettles is considered healthy.
*The iron kettles are durable and long-lasting, and they develop more and more character the longer they are used.

●Teapots are treated with enamel on their inner surface.
*Please be aware that the teapots do not exude iron content as they have an enamel finish.