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A Japanese traditional craft (Kagoshima). The Sake holder w is one of the best items of Iwakiri Bikoudo! Satsumasuzuki (tinware) is the tradition of Japan.

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It is said that if you put Sake into the Tsuzurashuki, it becomes mellowly delicious!
The Tsuzurashuki comes with a cover and is very stylish and sophisticated.

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Item NameSake holder w
Artifact NameSatsumasuzuki
Place of ProductionKagoshima, Japan
Delivery DateApprox. 10D
SizeH 9cm

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USD 300.00
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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Air Tight SealingThe cover glides down to the surface using its weight and it completely closes itself when you put the cover on the top of the main body.


Tinware visually appears just as beautiful as silverware, but it is much easier to take care of than silverware because its color doesn't change like silverware.
Tinware is superior in its ability to adjust its heat or coldness, meaning that can keep the warmth or coldness of drinks for a while.
One of its characteristics is that purifys water, so water becomes mellowly delicious!

Tin and Pewter

A product which is made from pewter is composed primarily of 91% - 93% tin, while the rest is made up of antimony and copper.
The products of Iwakiri Bikoudo have always been made from 100% of tin.