Yūrikinsai Peony Arabesque

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A Japanese traditional craft (Ishikawa). The Yūrikinsai Peony Arabesque is one of the best items of Kaburaki! Kutani-yaki (Porcelain) is the tradition of Japan.

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Yurikinsai is not a painting technique, but rather a method of applying gold-leaf onto porcelain.
The process begins by taking gold-leaf of various sizes and thickness, and layering them to create different patterns. A clear glaze is then applied before the item is fired and thus, cpmpleted. As simple as this may seem, it is actually an extremely tedious and repetitive process that only master artisans are able to successfully accomplish.

Item Details

Item NameYūrikinsai Peony Arabesque
Artifact NameKutani-yaki
Place of ProductionIshikawa, Japan
Artifact NameApp. 2 weeks
SizeH37.5cm x φ28.5cm
WeightLight green
PatternPeony arabesque


  • Comes packgaed in a paulownia-wood box

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Minori Yoshita : Living National Treasure

He was born in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1932.
In 1951, he took over as the head of his family's business, Kinzan-gama(kiln), and has created magnificent works of art ever since.
Master Yoshita's Yūrikinsai was designated as an Intangible Cultural Property inThe year 2001. That same year, he himself was designated as a Living National Treasure.

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