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About Asahi Electric Co.,Ltd.

Ishikawa Prefecture has given birth to so many traditional crafts, it’s become known as the “Craft Kingdom.” Artisan skills are passed down through generations, refining these crafts further and further until they’ve become cultural artifacts treasured the world over.
But recent years have been hard on the traditional crafts industry, and their very existence has become threatened.
Our company was founded in 1981 for the purpose of developing, designing, and producing accessories and control devices for custom electronics.
Operating out of Ishikawa Prefecture, we contribute to the stimulation of its traditional crafts tradition by fusing the sensitivity of traditional crafts and the function of IT into the concept of “Traditional Crafts x IT.”
Too many people spend all their time surrounded by inorganic plastics, computers, and electronics.
We’re working passionately with regional partners to create beautiful pockets of Japanese culture to provide you with moments of peace at your company or at home.
Business contents
  • Electronics-mounted PCB design/production
  • Contact/ Contactless and CNC control board design/production
  • Microcomputer software development and microcomputer mounted control board design/production
  • Ishikawa(USB) memory company developing sales/traditional crafts x IT

Artifact Information

Artifact NameYamanaka lacquerware : Lacquerware
History Yamanaka Lacquerware began approximately 400 years ago when a group of wandering mountain wood carvers settled in the sands upstream of Yamanaka hot springs.
These artisans began primarily selling to the hot springs customers at the base of the mountain, and refined their products for use in daily life, while incorporating painting and metallic powder techniques from Aizu, Kyoto, and Kanazawa.
*The first person acknowledged as a living national treasure in the field of woodworking, Ryozo Kawakita, practices this art, and it was issued a royal warrant of appointment in the early 20th century.
Artifact NameKutani-yaki : Ceramic
History Kutani-yaki is a type of glazed porcelain that originated around the year 1655 in Kanagawa, a city in the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture, and is now produced in the cities of Komatsu, Kaga, and Nomi.
It incorporates rich blues, greens, and yellows in bold and novel patterns and colors.
Kutani-yaki porcelain is an iconic gift from the Imperial Household Agency, and was even given a wedding present to Prince Charles of England.
A favorite gift of VIPs worldwide, it is prized as the pinnacle of Japanese beauty.

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