Japanese Incense

Tenpo Jinko

- Natural Aromatic Wood Incense -

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A Japanese traditional craft (Hyogo). The Tenpo Jinko is one of the best items of KUNJUDO! Japanese Incense (Hobbies (Collection/Other),Healing goods) is the tradition of Japan.

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”Tenho” means “blessings from heaven.” As “natural” means “created by nature without artificial influence,” this o-ko is made with a commitment to using only 100% all-natural ingredients in order to bring out the original profound fragrance of natural aromatic wood.

A cone-type that releases a large volume of fragrance in a short period of time.

It is perfect for entertaining sudden guest with its fragrance.

*High-quality Siam Jinko (agalloch) blended with several types of herbal medicinal ingredients.

Item Details

Item NameTenpo Jinko
Artifact NameJapanese Incense
Place of ProductionHyogo, Japan
UseHobbies (Collection /other), Healing goods
Delivery Term1 week
Quantity15 pieces
Burning time : Appro. 30 min.
Comes with a incense stand / vegetable dyeing pouch


  • Burning incense is one way of purifying your space of negative energy.

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USD 136.36
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping