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Good luck ormament

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A Japanese traditional craft (Kagoshima). The Good luck ormament is one of the best items of Tsuchinohana! Hakata Dolls (Interior Decorations・Hobbies (collection) ・Art) is the tradition of Japan.

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An all-gold Daikokusama whose image conveys luxury.
It represents a desire for better luck with money.
His large bag is inscribed with the characters for “luck” and “long life.”
An adorable mouse sits on his shoulder with a gold piece in its mouth.

*One of the seven lucky gods from Japanese mythology, revered by people even now as a guardian of fishermen.

Item Infomation

Product NameGood luck ormament
Artifact NameHakata Dolls
The place of ProductionFukuoka, Japan
Delivery DateApprox. 10-14 days
MaterialFukuoka-produced clay
ColorUses paint used in Japanese paintings, ink, acrylic paints, gold leaf, gold paint, and mica.

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  • Comes with a display stand (H4.0cmxSides11.0cm) / felt-carpet


USD 204.54
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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