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A Japanese traditional craft (Chiba). The Clutch bag is one of the best items of Tatami Decomono! Tatami crafting (Tatami mats) is the tradition of Japan.

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The “beckoning cat” on the border has become a symbol of good fortune.

*This bag is not made of soft rushes, but sturdy materials appropriate for daily use and meant to evoke the atmosphere of the tatami.

Item Details

Item NameClutch bag
Artifact NameTatami crafting
Place of ProductionChiba, Japan
Delivery DateApp. 1 - 2 w.
SizeH16.0cm x W26.5cm x D2.5cm
WeightApprox. 240g
Pattern(Tatami border)Beckoning cat
ColorDusty rose / Pale orange
Color(Tatami border)Red / Silver / Black
MaterialJapanese paper / Cotton・Nylon mix
Material(Tatami border)Polyethylene/ Polypropylene/ Polyester

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USD 186.36
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

About US...

Beckoning cat

The “beckoning cat” is a symbol of good luck.
According to one theory of its origins, an elderly woman was forced to let her beloved cat go due to her extreme poverty.
The cat later appeared in her dream and said “make a clay statue of me and it will bring you good fortune.”
She did just that, and began selling the statues near the entrance to Asakusa Shrine.
They quickly skyrocketed in popularity and the sales made her wealthy beyond her wildest dreams.