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His-and-her chopsticks

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A Japanese traditional craft ( Akita). The His-and-her chopsticks is one of the best items of Akita Prefecture Lacquerware Cooperative! Kawatsura Lacquerware (Dinnerware) is the tradition of Japan.

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An iridescent cloud design brings its user good fortune.
*Created by Mr. Shigeru Abe, a chopstick specialist.

Item Details

Item NameHis-and-her chopsticks
Artifact NameKawatsura Lacquerware
Place of Production Akita, Japan
Delivery DateApp. 10D.
SizeBlack:23.0cm / Bordeaux:22.0cm
WeightApp. 30g
*Weight of items may change based on the cut of wood they're taken from.
ColorBlack/ Bordeaux
PatternIridescent clouds
Material 100% Natural Lacquer / Japanese horse chestnut


  • Comes packeaged in a gift box

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USD 77.27
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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Iridescent clouds

Iridescent cloudsIridescent clouds have always been a sign of good fortune on the way, and clouds passing close to the sun are a sign of luck.

Takashi Abe; A lacquerware chopstick specialist

Takashi Abe; A lacquerware chopstick specialistThe first Kawatsura Lacquerware chopstick specialist in the over 300 year history of the family.
He uses 100% natural lacquer for its durable properties. The artisan paints each one slavishly, 20 times over 90 days.