Tsumami Zaiku

Two-pronged hairpins

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A Japanese traditional craft (Aichi). The Two-pronged hairpins is one of the best items of Mizuki! Tsumami Zaiku (Textiles / Dyed Products) is the tradition of Japan.

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This pure-white habutae silk chrysanthemum hairpin uses a pearl-inlaid gold flower setting to increase its sense of luxury.

Item Details

Item NameTwo-pronged hairpins
Artifact NameTsumami Zaiku
Place of ProductionAichi, Japan
Delivery DateApp. 10 days
WeightApp. 15g
Pattern Chrysanthemum *Sword-pinching
ColorPure white
Material100% Habutae silk / A fake pearl

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USD 104.54
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

About US...

Habutae silk

Habutae silk is a type of textile made from a plain weave, a style of weaving where warp and weft yarns criss-cross in regular proportion.
When the yarns are silk, this technique is also known as ko-kinu (luminous silk).
Typical, plain weaves use weft and warp yarn of uniform thickness, but habutae silk uses two thinner warp yarns for each weft yarn.  
The soft, light, lustrous textile that results is a true symbol of Japan.  
It is said that “truly beautiful silk begins and ends with habutae.”

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