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A Japanese traditional craft (Aichi). The Traditional Japanese Happi coats is one of the best items of Happi ya YAMAKICHI! Dyeing (Weaving / Dyeing) is the tradition of Japan.

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This item has the kumadori of both Sukeroku and Shibaraku, along with traditional Japanese umbrellas.

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Item NameTraditional Japanese Happi coats
Artifact NameDyeing
Place of ProductionAichi, Japan
Delivery DateIt'll approximately take 20 days from the date of ordering
SizeLength (of a garment) : 80cm
Width (of a garment) : 68cm
PatternKabuki make / Traditional Japanese Umbllera
Material100% Cotton

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USD 122.73
Consumption tax /
VAT included & Free shipping

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Kumadori KumadoriKumadori is a special type of makeup used in kabuki that accents the muscles and blood vessels of the face. There are around 15 types of kumadori, with different types and colors being used depending on the role.