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Seven Lucky Gods
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Art Work

W19cm x D13cm x H18cm

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Approximately 10-14 business days
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Ishikawa, Japan
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About Product
Seven Deities of Good Luck refers to seven deities which are believed to bring good luck in Japan.
This product uses Mori pattern.
Mori, the technique of layering paint to create a three dimensional texture, is unique to Kutani-yaki.
Comes with: cushion / sign/ box
Please note that the actual item's size, color, and pattern may differ from the reference images online because each item is hand-made.
Shichifukujin(Seven Deities of Good)
The picture from 1st row.
Daikoku (大黒): the God of lucky with money/agriculture industry
Hotei (布袋): the God of happy marriage and good fortune
Benzaiten (弁財天): the God of music, art,academic achievements
Juroujin (寿老人): the God of longevity and family harmony
Ebisu (恵比寿): the God of success in business/fishery industry
The picture from 2nd row.
Bishamonten (毘沙門天): the God of victory
Fukurokuju (福禄寿): the God of wealth and longevity


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