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Kabuki Texture
Item Code
Art Work
Happi jackets

Approximately Size:Length: 80cm×Width: 68cm


Texture:India (100% cotton)

Delivery Date
Approximately 10 business days
Place of Production
Aichi, Japan
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About Products
Kumadori is a special type of makeup used in kabuki that accents the muscles and blood vessels of the face. There are around 15 types of kumadori, with different types and colors being used depending on the role. This product has the kumadori of both Sukeroku and Shibaraku, along with a traditional Japanese umbrella.
India (100% cotton): Slightly thinner, popular as a cotton coat.
You can wear it comfortably throughout the season.
・Method:Reactive dyeing
At the beginning of use, there is a slight drop of dye, so care should be taken in hand washing separately from other items.

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