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Printed Incense Set
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Art Work
Japanese Incense

Circle : ⏀2.3cm , Square : side2.3cm

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Approximately 10 business days
Place of Production
Hyogo, Japan
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Japan, the country of “Hospitality,” possesses wonderful traditions and culture and features numerous charming buildings.
Place the included “Incense mat” on a non-combustible plate, and on top of this, place the burning incense.
Burning incense is one way of purifying your space of negative energy.
This cute incense was created based on this image of Japan.
8Printed Incense Set
7 pieces for each x 8 *Comes with a non-combustible incense mat.
Japan, Tokyo, Kobe, Dharma, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Cherry blossoms, Good-luck charms set.
This product is a unique incense with a Japanese icon printed on it. Also suitable for gifts.

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