The 63rd Kitami Bonchi Festival in Hokkaido

Kitami Bonchi Festival is a three-day summer event. On the first night, citizens in yukatas, informal cotton kimonos, dance through the downtown, which is called the Buyo Parade. Also, festivalgoers enjoy watching the Tonden Otsunahiki, tugs of war among 4 teams of young men wearing loincloths and pulling the 200-meter-long rope. On July 16 (day 2), a citizens’ outdoor concert will be held inviting Akira Nishikino, a famous Japanese singer, as a guest. A show of around 4,000 fireworks is scheduled for the night of July 17th (day 3).


From July 15, 2016 to July 17, 2016


A five-minute walk from JR Kitami Station

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